Technical SEO Consulting

If you’re managing a site with hundreds, thousands or even millions of pages, you may be facing ranking impediments caused by legacy CMS issues, faceted navigation, dynamic page templates, redirects, canonicals, parameter-based filters, URL structure or duplicate content– just to name a few. Our team has extensive experience diagnosing and solving some of the most complicated technical SEO issues presented by current (our slightly outmoded) websites.

Our goal in identifying and recommending adjustments around technical SEO consulting is to achieve maximum impact while minimizing resource-intensive updates whenever possible. Though there isn’t always a lightweight solution to some of the thornier technical SEO issues, we strive to work alongside your team and development resources to roll out technical changes in a sensible manner. We first prioritize recommendations based on estimated business impact and required effort, then sync our recommendations with your team’s development cycles to help slot in SEO changes iteratively alongside other website adjustments (CMS/backend rollouts, redesigns, etc.).

The following are some elements of our technical SEO process:

  • SEO statistics and link analysis
  • Information architecture and code structure review (crawlability and indexation)
  • Duplicate content assessment and SE health audit
  • CSS/HTML semantic markup audit
  • Site navigation SEO enhancements

By diagnosing issues, recommending advanced optimization tactics, and executing updates with opportunistic timing, we’ll help you improve overall ranking and indexation metrics while controlling costs associated with heavy development cycles.  If you would like more information about how Geary SEO can help you overcome technical SEO issues that may be hindering your organic potential, contact our team today.