The Links – What Makes Them Premium?

The folks at Geary SEO often describe the company as an SEO agency with a core competency in high quality link building. While that might be a mouthful to your date across the dinner table, we understand that experienced SEOs want to know just what makes our link building service worthy of the ‘premium’ modifier. So without giving away any secret sauce…

Here’s what’s important to us:

  • Authoritative sites & pages with high-quality content
  • Consistent purpose and content theme
  • Quality on-page optimization
  • Existing rankings for semantically relevant terms
  • Opportunity for in-content placement
  • Older domains that have been indexed consistently for an extended period of time

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • No link schemes of any kind
  • No reciprocal link exchanges
  • No link networks
  • No social bookmark spamming
  • No directory links
  • No links to bad neighborhoods

You’re probably going to ask… “Well, how do you do it?”

With a lot of hard work….

The Process



Our link building process boils down to doing link building the old fashioned way—with a few tricks to help us scale up volume to meet your needs. We review thousands of web pages to find those that are relevant to your link targets. We filter results with proprietary software and human review. Site and pages not fitting initial quality criteria are discarded and the process is continued.

Outreach & Placement

When viable pages are identified, we make personal contact with the site’s webmaster to start a conversation and creatively suggest a link placement.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Every link placement is viewable by your team and monitored on a daily basis by our crawlers that check for link vitality and page integrity.

The Results

Plain and simple, our process works—really well. Please check out our SEO case studies for some examples.


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